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Patriots United™ Three Pillars of Our Beliefs

To ensure our Constitutional Republic stays intact

Do Everything Peacefully

Encourage Patriotism 

Do Everything Constitutionally

The foundational cornerstone of our country and our organization has always been, and always will be, God.

"Fight, Fight, Fight!"

President Donald J. Trump

The miracle witnessed on July 13th 2024

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PATRIOTS UNITED™ is a grassroots America First, MAGA organization, dedicated to upholding the ideals established by our FOUNDING FATHERS in the U.S. CONSTITUTION.

Learn how to become a part of our grassroots movement.

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The Future of Our Republic, Which Is The Last Hope of Freedom of The Entire World, Will Be Determined by Your Vote

Who Can Vote?

All U.S. Citizens 18 years or older

Who Can NOT Vote?

Anyone under 18 years old, ALL non-U.S. citizens (aka, illegal immigrants).  

"Public Service Announcement"

Any non-U.S. citizens (aka, illegal immigrants) that do register to vote and/or vote, are committing a criminal, deportable offense.

Help Us Achieve Our Mission 

Spread The Word

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Be like Paul Revere. We the People have absolute control if we take it. If we are effective members of our communities and are actively out there making our concerns known, others will come out and support us. Remember, we are the majority. Stop being the silent majority.

Put First Things First

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Starting at your local level is the best course of action. States are independent from the Federal Government. Learn what the Constitutional roles are of government. Learn how your state is broken down into district and counties. There is so much that can be done. Taking action instead of complaining about what is wrong will bring change.