Membership with Patriots United

Unite With Others

Members of Patriots United have a common bond and enjoy getting to know there are many more people out there who think alike

Get Involved

Our members learn how to make a difference for change for the better. We get involved in our local areas to get our voices out there.

Support Our Republic

As a member, your contributions help keep our cause going with more resources at our fingertips.

Patriots United Across America

Find Your Region

We have broken down the states across the country into regions to help unite fellow Patriots in your area.

Membership Details

Coming soon!

Annual Membership

$ 108

What Members Receive

Every new member receives a merch package delivered to your address with an official member hat and tee shirt as well as lots of other cool stickers and useful constitutional materials.   

Members also have exclusive access in our secure member website to be able to communicate and share with fellow members and not be harrased by the trolls found on most platforms today. 

Membership dues will be tax deductible. (based separately and dependent on how each individual files and/or itemizes their taxes.)